Brayan Alexander|東京都|コロンビア

I am individual that grew up around Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and South America.Ever since I was young I have always expressed interest in the Entertainment and Music industries, as well as to learn about cultures and languages; Over the last 5 years I have been studying and working in Shanghai China, where I have had the opportunity to integrate myself into the field of marketing and dive inside many chances to work with Giants of the mentioned industries. I have collaborated and formed part of teams such as Ultra Music Festival Shanghai, Sugarland Festival Shanghai, Sino Group China. Where I have developed skills in: Marketing, Hospitality, Production, Artist handling, Artist negotiations, Government talks and Execution of huge events. I think I would be a great asset in any country, since most of my life I have dedicated to perfect my communication skills in 7 different languages, as well as I am a resourceful person that would never give up under pressure or any kind of adversity.
Update 2020/10/05 Sex Male
Age 24years old Spouse None
Address 東京都 Nearest Station Takanodai
Nationality コロンビア Place of Birth Colombia
Native Language English Others Italian|Dutch|Spanish|French|Portuguese|Chinese (Mandarin)
Japanese Language Proficiency Beginner Term of Residence in Japan From 1 to 3 Years
Latest Academic History Graduated from College Name of School and Faculty University of Delhi
Service Years in Japan Less Than 1 Year Type of Visa Working Visa (Others)
Qualification/License Arts and Communications

Desired Work Conditions

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