Eric Vongsay
Miyagi Ken – Shibata Gun – Ogawara machi – Aza Nishiki Cho – 2- 14

I currently work as a Coordinator of International Relations in a small mountain town in Miyagi. My role here is multifaceted. I do work promoting internationalism and culturalism through carefully planned events. I translate documents and correspondence with the sister cities often written by the mayors of both our towns. I am in charge of English program for the Kindergartens and daycares. I am in charge of the town's public Eikaiwa class.
I also have 3 years of experience with a large eikaiwa and 6 years of experience as a dispatch ALT.
In the workplace, you will find me professional, friendly, and hard-working. I will be able to fill any role that you give me.


Eric Vongsay
Update 2020/07/01 Sex Male
Age 31years old Spouse There
Address 宮城県 Nearest Station Ogawara Station
Nationality アメリカ合衆国 Place of Birth America
Native Language English Others English
Japanese Language Proficiency Experienced Term of Residence in Japan 3 Years or More
Latest Academic History Graduated from College Name of School and Faculty University of New Hampshire
Service Years in Japan 3 Years or More Type of Visa Spouse of Japanese National
Qualification/License TEFL

Desired Work Conditions

Desired Type of Work General Office Work/Office Work Using OA Tools|Data Entry/Typing|General Affairs|Human Affairs|Office Work @ School & College|Office Work @ Trading Company|Office Work Requiring English Reading & Writing Skill|Accounting Work Requiring English Reading & Writing Skill|Interpreter/Translator|PR/Ads/IR|Marketing/Planning|Promotional Activity/Demonstration Sales|Event Staff Member|Sales of Apparel, Clothing & Cosmetic|Sales of Interior Accessory, General Merchandise & Stationery Product|Sales of Cellular Phone & Home Electric Appliance|Attendant/Show Room/Front Desk|Restaurant (Attendant/Kitchen)|Hotel-/Resort-related Work|Office/Front Desk Work @ Travel Company|Aviation-related Work/Tour Conductor/Tour Escort|Convenience Store|Supermarket|Pachinko/Slot Machine|Help Desk/User Support|Evaluation/Testing|WEB Designer|WEB Director|Creation/Editing/Proofreading/Writing|Graphic Designer|Instructor/Teacher|Cram School (juku) Teacher|Test Supervisor|Light Work (Packing/Sorting/Inspection)|Warehouse Management/Shipping|Forklift|Machine Operation|Manufacturing (Assembling/Processing)|Driver (Delivery/Shipping)|Production/Quality Management|Construction Control/Site Supervisor
Desired Place of Work Miyagi
Desired Employment Status Regular Employee (New Graduate)|Regular Employee (Mid-career Worker)|Contracted Employee|Dispatched Employee|Part-time Employee|Subcontractor|Others
Desired Annual Salary 4 million yen or more
Desired Hourly Wage 3000 yen or more