I am proficient in both Japanese and English. I grew up in Tokyo but I have been living in New York City for the past 7 years.
Update 2018/07/20 Sex Female
Age 23years old Spouse None
Address 東京都 Nearest Station
Nationality 日本 Place of Birth Tokyo
Native Language English Others English|Japanese
Japanese Language Proficiency Experienced Term of Residence in Japan 3 Years or More
Latest Academic History Graduated from High School Name of School and Faculty New York University
Service Years in Japan Less Than 1 Year Type of Visa Japanese Nationals
Qualification/License IELTS 8.5

Desired Work Conditions

Desired Type of Work Children’s Nurse|Instructor/Teacher|Cram School (juku) Teacher
Desired Place of Work Tokyo
Desired Employment Status Part-time Employee
Desired Annual Salary I do not care
Desired Hourly Wage I do not care