I have been living, working for the last eleven years in different countries. I enjoy the new cultures and the interaction with people. I have a very positive attitude, I like to learn new things, good motivator, social, flexible, decisively and I am a strong communicator. I adapt easily to changing demands.
I find social values very important and have done many years of social work in India, Nepal and Indonesia.
Language is very important and I enjoy teaching children and adults to learn English and see their progress.
In my free time I like to cook, gardening and photography.
Update 2018/05/01 Sex Female
Age 43years old Spouse There
Address Shiga Nearest Station
Nationality Netherlands Place of Birth The Netherlands
Native Language Dutch Others English|Dutch
Japanese Language Proficiency Beginner Term of Residence in Japan Less Than 1 Year
Latest Academic History Graduated from Graduate School Name of School and Faculty DETEX, Private Business School
Service Years in Japan Less Than 1 Year Type of Visa Family-Related Stay
Qualification/License • Undergraduate School - Marketing -NIMA-A. From 1997 until 1998. > Certificates
• Undergraduate School Private Institute for Real Estate, from 1996 until 1997, Subjects: Sales, Basic
architecture, calculation, Contracts. > Certificates
• Undergraduate School -Business -DETEX, from 1995 until 1996. Subjects: Finance , HR, Management,
Marketing and Calculation. > Diploma
• College, from 1988 until 1995 Subjects: Dutch, French, English, German,
Economics and Geography. > Diploma

Desired Work Conditions

Desired Type of Work
Desired Place of Work Shiga|Kyoto|Osaka
Desired Employment Status Regular Employee (New Graduate)|Regular Employee (Mid-career Worker)|Contracted Employee|Part-time Employee|Others
Desired Annual Salary I do not care
Desired Hourly Wage I do not care