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Application Guideline

Job Description (1) Student Information

Nearest station:Yoshii station
Railway line:Joushin Dentetsu line
*14 mins walk from the station
*26 mins ride from Takasaki station by train

Parking place:Yes
*You can go there by your car.(We pay the gas cost.10yen/km.)

Lesson location:office
Number of students:4 or more
Course duration:long *not guaranteed.

Teaching times per month:4 times
Teaching hours per lesson:1 hour
*Teaching times and hours might be changed in the future.Not guaranteed.
*If there are 5weeks,please ask the student directly if they have the 5th week's lesson.

Monday 5:30pm start
*If you are busy,please let me know your available day and time.

Please prepare your text books and materials.


Applicant Eligibility If you can teach this class,please let me know.
1. How long can you continue teaching this class?
2. Can you teach the class at 5:30pm on Monday regularly(once a week)?
3. When can you start teaching?
4. Do you plan a long holiday in a few months?
5. Do you have a car to go there?
6. How many years of English teacher experience do you have?
7. What kind of visa do you have?And when will your visa expire?
Type of Work Instructor/Teacher
Employment Status Subcontractor
Work location 群馬県高崎市非公開
Work Hours Monday 5:30pm start
Salary 時給4000円
(2) Contents of an Outsourcing Contract - Terms
1.Duration of Contract
Not fixed

2.Place of Contract

Language teacher

4,000 yen per hour for the group

5.Transportation expenses
Free and Easy,Inc pays actual cost.

6.Closing day of pay roll
Last day of every month

7.Pay day
next month 15th *bank transfer

canceling policy is most important.Please double-check it.

*Free and Easy,Inc will pay the wages for lessons taught by the teacher.
*If a lesson is skipped,the lesson fee will not be paid.
*If a lesson is skipped,transportation expenses will not be paid.
*The teacher will not ask the student for any money directly.
*The teacher must send the lesson report around the end of every month
with the lesson date,hours and bank account information.

Canceling the lesson - teacher:
*The teacher must EMAIL OR CALL DIRECTLY to the student about the cancellation.
*The teacher must give the student one day(24hrs) advance notice when
the teacher is unable to give a lesson.
*In the case that the teacher fails to give one day(24hrs) notice
of the cancellation,the teacher has to give 1 lesson for free.
If not,the hourly wage for the hours you cancel will be deducted from salary.
(except for typhoon,heavy snow,train delay)

Canceling the lesson - student:
*The student must give the teacher one day(24hrs) advance notice when
the student wishes to cancel the lesson.
*In the case that the student fails to give one day(24hrs) notice of
the cancellation,the teacher is entitled to the lesson fee.
*In the case of the sudden cancellation,if the teacher has paid
the transportation expenses,the teacher is entitled to receive the expense.
(except for typhoon,heavy snow,train delay)

*The teacher is required to give notice to Free and Easy,Inc before resignation.
*The teacher doesn't have to find a new teacher for the student.
Free and Easy,Inc will look for a new teacher.
*The student may stop or end the lesson suddenly because of a change in the situation.

Compensation for damages:
*If the teacher damages to Free and Easy,Inc or the student,
Free and Easy,Inc will demand compensation for the damage from the teacher.

*The teacher will not endorse or be involved in drugs,violence or sexual harassment.
*The teacher can not contract directly with the students and can not advertise own business.
*The canceling policy is most important.Please double-check it.
*When the teacher uses the materials or resouses of the client,
the teacher must ask permission of the client.
*Free and Easy,Inc will not pay any compensation for the teacher's traffic accident.
*It is necessary that you do tax returns once a year.

Tomohiro Ohira
Company Name:FINE(Free and Easy,Inc)

About Application & Interview

Application Method 「JOBFINE」の応募フォームよりご応募ください。
Selection Process ▼選考について
Interview Site 群馬県高崎市非公開

Company Profile

Representative 大平倫寛
Establishment 2004年7月
Location 東京都渋谷区道玄坂2-15-1

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